About the Fund

The Challenge Fund 2 is part of the Reducing Parental Conflict Programme, funded by the UK Government – the Department for Work and Pensions.

The key objective of the Challenge Fund 2 is to produce products or resources which can be utilised by local areas to support a greater number of families at risk of parental conflict, including through digital support offers. The Challenge Fund 2 will build upon the evidence and learnings from Phase 1 of the Reducing Parental Conflict Programme (including the first Challenge Fund) and to help fill evidence gaps in the following two strands: Universal Digital Support for Families (Digital Support) and Support for a diverse range of families who may have additional stressors for conflict (Supporting Diverse Families).

Funding Results

The Application window is now closed, and all applicants have been informed of the outcome of their initiative.

The dates of the application window, eligibility criteria and guidance materials can be found for reference on the Application Guidance located on the Information for Applicants page.

The Fund was highly competitive and in our decision-making we prioritised funding  applications which:

  • Were clearly aimed at reducing parental conflict;
  • Were innovative and demonstrated significant potential to add to the evidence base of what works to reduce parental conflict; and
  • Were well planned and likely to be delivered within the Challenge Fund 2 timescales.

We sincerely thank applicants for their interest in this initiative and the Reducing Parental Conflict agenda.

The list of funded initiatives is available here. The official Press Release can be read here.

The funded organisations will deliver their initiatives from June 2023 until November 2024.

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